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 General/Off-Topic Rules

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Rin Yukihara
~The Crystal Admin~
Rin Yukihara

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PostSubject: General/Off-Topic Rules   Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:33 pm

Guidelines to the "Off Topic" section:

By using this section, you agree to ALL the following rules:

1. You must follow the Site Rules at all time.

2. If you don't like someone, don't show it here. Do not post rants about people that you don't like. Keep it to yourself. Don't spread it throughout the forum. Seriously.

3. If you don't like what someone else says, don't start some flame war. Just ignore it. It's a tool in your head that is very powerful.

4. If you disagree with someone, alright. We are going to disagree once in a while. It's just human nature. Keep it down to a small spark. No flames. And if it's about religion, just keep away from it. Stray away. It'll be bound to cause some flame war. If you do make a topic about religion, don't be all crazy about how your own religion is the best.

5. Complaining to a minimum. Unless its something REALLY important, keep from posting it. No one really cares that you got a paper cut. Get what I mean?

6. 4chan. Yeah.... No. Memes.... Half and half. Don't overuse them. Don't use them in serious topics. You'll know when there is a serious topic.

7. Everyone has an opinion. Keep an open mind. Thanks. :3

8. You don't like someone, that's okay, some things cannot be explained, such as why I hate pumpkin, it's just how I was born. But it's not an excuse to flame everything he/she says and disagree with all of his/hers opinions.

9. Do stuff for yourself, whether it be art, machinimas, GFX, drawing, CPing, literature, do it for your own amusement. If you post it here, it's because you wish to hear people's opinion, and obviously, since we all have had different upbringings, we grew differently, in different places, among different people, we will have different opinions, and someone might hate your work. There are several ways for you to face that. Hate that person for not liking what you did and become his/her enemy for life. Listen to their opinion, and try to see it from their point of view and if you can, you can think about changing it, because in the end, it just might help you improve. Ignore the person's opinion and continue doing it for yourself.

10. We are all humans (I hope), therefore we'll often disagree, fight and kill each other, it's the human nature. For forums, that's what we mods are here for. If you think there will be a place where people won't hate each other, dislike you, and you, as a mod will have to face it and try to help the forum, you need to get out of your fantasy world, and wake up to reality, that's not how things happen.

11. You are free to do whatever you want with your time, and you can be busy with school, work, friends, family, and people will still complain to you about how you do not give them the things they want in time or how they think you don't deserve something that you might have because of your behavior. Of course they will most of times be wrong, since your problems and work/school are much more important to you than the internet, but they are not you, therefore they will often ignore your problems and blame you for things that aren't necessarily your fault. Well, guess what, it's not different out there, your teachers do not care if you were helping your mother to cook, they want your homework done, your boss doesn't care if you just got a new girlfriend and is more devoted to her than to your work, it's just how things are, if you can't take that, you might as well want to dig a hole and hide yourself there for life.

12. You have your inside jokes. You like them. You want to share them. That's fine, but it doesn't mean everyone will like it, understand it, approve of it. Here's what both sides can do. If you don't like it, you're not forced to live with it, ignore it and live on, nobody's forcing you to like it. Try to think how something will be seen from all points of view, sometimes a joke can be taken in a bad way by other people. I'm sure none of the girls here like what they see in "The MAN thread" and no/few guys would like to hear girls talking about the stars they like or accompany them on shopping, aid them when they're depressed or help them when they're in trouble with fights, money and other things.

13. This is the internet, though you are free to voice your opinion, many might not like it. You have two things to do, use all your methods to hurt them because they don't like your work or drop it, if most of the people don't like it and you want to keep a good relationship with everyone, you might as well not do it again and just continue on with your life.

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PostSubject: Re: General/Off-Topic Rules   Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:28 am

I read the whole thing (-=
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General/Off-Topic Rules
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