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 Anime/Manga stuff (OFF MACHINIMA TOPICS)

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PostSubject: Anime/Manga stuff (OFF MACHINIMA TOPICS)   Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:25 am

This is COMPLETLY OFF TOPIC and this is where it belongs. So here it is-
Just talk about any anime or manga. Right now my favorite series are:
Naruto, Lucky star, and elfen lied. I used to like pokemon first when I was like 5 but then it started to suck (its not that I outgrew it, because i looked back at the first episode, its just that it sucks now.)
I also kind of like boondocks but I dont think thats considerd anime...

Also, put who you think would win in battles if you want... like I bet if naruto were in a battle with lucy some how that lucy would win instantly but if naruto were 4 or more tails he would win.

Another thing here is putting how some have strange things like how people have crazy hair (like vegita and goku) that stays the same all the time and even when they wake up it stays the same and go to sleep. And girls have REALLY LONG HAIR! And boobs that defy gravity and are oversized -_-' (AND DONT PRETEND YOU DONT NOTICE!) Another thing is that some guys would look like girls if they had longer hair.

And thats all I can think of...
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Anime/Manga stuff (OFF MACHINIMA TOPICS)
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