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 Downloadable Maps! UPDATED! (As of 6/25/2010)

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Downloadable Maps! UPDATED! (As of 6/25/2010) Empty
PostSubject: Downloadable Maps! UPDATED! (As of 6/25/2010)   Downloadable Maps! UPDATED! (As of 6/25/2010) EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 6:39 am


These hacks are made by me, and give me credit if you plan to use these hacks! If you want some information about these maps, go to each of their YouTube links to watch a video of a map.

NOTE: Read the "readme" in the packages for instructions. And when you start the SM64 ROM, you HAVE to go to Bob-Omb Battlefield if you want to play the level.

Go to my website and click on any hack!

My Website for hacks:

(Town v1.0 and Tower) = Town v1.0 is outdated!
Video for Tower:

(Town v1.1)



(Bowser Castle)

(Plain Grass)

(Temple Ruins)

This thread will update when I make a new map or so.

(Updated as of 6/25/2010)

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Downloadable Maps! UPDATED! (As of 6/25/2010)
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