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 Super Mario: The Flood(Coming Soon)

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Super Mario: The Flood(Coming Soon) Empty
PostSubject: Super Mario: The Flood(Coming Soon)   Super Mario: The Flood(Coming Soon) EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 3:43 pm

Its just your average Run-of-the-money day in the Mushroom Kingdom. UNTIL THAT TERRIBLE THING HAPPENS THAT HAS TO BE TYPED IN CAPS.
Anyway yes its the average day and Dylan, Preston, and (thiscouldbeyou) are strolling along arguing to the point of violence about whether Emo Pingas beats Ronald McRoll. As they enter to watch Telivison an urgent newscast comes up about a new virus that has recently been discovered called The Flood. They said that viewers where to immediatly exit the premises and find any shelter underground. As the trio go into panic and begin to leave a strange looking creature busts through the door. Its the host of a flood
------------RELEASE DATE------------
Coming Soon~
Unknown Yet(This Could be You!)
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Super Mario: The Flood(Coming Soon)
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