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 Mirror realm

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Mirror realm Empty
PostSubject: Mirror realm   Mirror realm EmptyThu Jun 20, 2013 9:51 pm

Well since the machinima forums is dead for 2 years long, i'll post machinima here, its not made by me, its made by my friend, the2hunters here the story so far:

Mm54321 Visit bob-omb battlefield, while he goes in the mountain top, he meet there someone who have MM54321 codes reversed, the strange guy just run and MM54321 go back to tell everyone.
MM66666 explains that exists a realm called ''The mirror realm'' Where everything is different from here, ''To good to bad'' ''To bad to good''   MM54321 tells everyone he meet someone who is a counterpart of him, MM666666 gets surprised and say the gang need to go to the mirror realm to collect mirror stars.
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PostSubject: Re: Mirror realm   Mirror realm EmptyThu Jun 20, 2013 11:01 pm

Sounds like an unusual journey. c: How about asking your friend about joining?

Let's rock the boat a little, shall we..?

(I can't access the chatbox because I'm on a PSP.)
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Mirror realm
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