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 Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone! Empty
PostSubject: Hello Everyone!   Hello Everyone! EmptyThu Oct 23, 2014 3:03 pm

Hello, I'm CaptainSwag101, and while I'm not much into making Mario 64 Machinima, I am a budding programmer with a mission: creating Mario 64 Movie Maker 2.0! Using Cheat Engine 6.4, I have already found a specific RAM address and opcode which, if replaced with a function that does nothing (i.e. replacing it with a NOP opcode, for those who understand this sort of thing), freezes the camera just like the original Mario 64 Movie Maker, and even allows the player to "look around" in first-person mode while still from a 3rd-person viewpoint! My computer uses Windows 7, and I am using Project64 v2.1 for my testing. My only roadblocks with creating and releasing a trainer are that:
1. I'm not very good with Cheat Engine, especially with the form designer, script engine, etc.
2. Even when I find a working pointer to the RAM address I need, when I close the emulator and re-open it, the pointer is no longer pointing to the correct address (I think this is because when I search for pointers, Cheat Engine never finds any static addresses, which are usually colored green and are listed above other addresses. However, I'm not sure what the reason or solution for this is.).
3. In order to actually freeze the camera, you need to change the opcode that writes to the camera's position and rotation address, and then restore the original opcode in order to unfreeze the camera again, and I don't know how to modify the address of an opcode in RAM :'(

If anybody here has more experience with Cheat Engine or any of the previously mentioned things, I would immensely appreciate any help, because I'd love to bring back one of Mario 64 Machinima's greatest tools!

Anyway, that's my incredibly long-winded introduction, so... hi!
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Hello Everyone!
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