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 Machinima Section Rules

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Rin Yukihara
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Machinima Section Rules Empty
PostSubject: Machinima Section Rules   Machinima Section Rules EmptyTue Oct 13, 2009 9:41 pm

General "Don't"s:
1. Don't post questions about making machinima. If you need help or advice, go to the General Help Section.

2. Don't post machinimas that are in violation of the forum rules.

3. Don't post videos that are JUST ads.

4. Don't post YouTube videos that have nothing to do with SM64 Machinima.
Machinima Posters:
1. If you make a new thread, make sure you include an Machinima.

2. Make sure you include the Machinima in your post, and don't just say "Look at my signature/avatar to see it". Reason being, when you change your avatar or signature, it affects all of the posts you have made. If you change your signature/avatar after you make your machinima post, all the people who check the thread won't know what you were talking about.

3. You may post your works in progress (WIP), however do not make a new thread once you are finished. Just update the thread.

4. If you have multiple machinimas to post at one time, make ONE thread and put all of them in that one thread.

5. If people constructively critique your work, DO NOT FLAME THEM. They are only pointing out errors in your work and suggesting ways to fix them.

6. DO NOT FLAME PEOPLE EVEN IF THEY HAVE BAD CRITICISM. It only makes you look like a jerk like the flamers. Moderators will deal with the flamers.

7. You can have ONLY ONE thread.
Replying to Machinima Posters:
1. You may critique, point out errors, and suggest ideas. Be polite.

2. Don't compare their work to what you can do. The thread is about the machinima(s) posted by the original started, not about how well your machinimas are.

3. If you point out errors, suggest what could be done better.

4. If you tell someone their machinima is bad, EXPLAIN WHY. Do not just say "Your machinima sucks." and nothing else. This is considered flaming and there are consequences.
Only post your own work in YOUR OWN THREAD. Do not post it in someone elses. Also do not post work that isn't yours.
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Machinima Section Rules
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